Criminal Code of the Republic of China Article 222June 9, 2021

A person who commits an offense specified in the preceding article under one of the following circumstances shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not less than seven years:
1. Offense committed by two or more persons;
2. Offense against a male or a female under the age of fourteen;
3. Offense against a mentally, physically or otherwise handicapped person;
4. Offense with the use of a drug in the offense;
5. Abuse against the victim;
6. Offense committed by taking the opportunity of operating a means of transportation used for the public or unspecified people;
7. Commission of an offense by intruding into a residence or a structure used for residence or a vessel or by hiding inside of it for commission of the offense;
8. Carrying a weapon while the offense is committed;
9. Taking photos, recording audio or video of the victim, or disseminating, or broadcasting, the said images, sounds, or electromagnetic records.

An attempt to commit an offense prescribed in the preceding paragraph is punishable.

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