Company Act Article 299Aug. 1, 2018

In the court's session of hearing rights of creditors in reorganization and rights of shareholders, the reorganization supervisor, reorganizers, and responsible persons of the company shall be present to answer inquiries, and the creditors in reorganization, shareholders and other interested persons may be present to express their opinions. "In the event of any objection to the right of creditor or the right of shareholder, the court shall render a ruling on such right. "Any interested person who substantially contests the right of creditor or the right of shareholder shall institute an action for determination within twenty days after the service of the ruling referred to in the preceding paragraph, and prove to the ruling court that such action has been instituted. After instituting such action and before a judgment thereto becomes irrevocable, the right concerned shall be exercised according to the contents of, and in the amount allowed by the ruling referred to in the preceding paragraph; however, in receiving the repayment in accordance with the plan of reorganization, the amount received shall be deposited with a court. "A right of creditor or a right of shareholder shall be deemed final and shall have the same effect as an irrevocable judgment against the company and all the shareholders and creditors of the company if prior to the end of hearing in court no objection was raised against such right.

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