Company Act Article 293Aug. 1, 2018

After delivery of the ruling for reorganization of the company, the operation of the business of the company and the power of controlling and disposing of the property thereof shall be transferred to reorganizers, and the reorganization supervisor shall supervise such transfer, which shall then be reported to the court. Upon such transfer, the shareholders' meeting, directors and supervisors shall cease to perform their duties and to exercise their powers. "At the time of the aforesaid transfer, the directors and managerial officers of the company shall hand over to the reorganizers all statements and records of accounts and documents relating to the business and finance of the company and all property thereof. "The directors, supervisors, managerial personnel, or other staff personnel shall have the obligation to answer the enquiries made by the reorganization supervisors or reorganizers regarding the operation and financial activities. "Directors, supervisors, managerial officers or other members of the staff of the company, for any of the following acts, shall be severally subject to imprisonment for a period not exceeding one year, detention and/or a fine not exceeding NT$60,000: "1.Refusal to transfer; "2.Concealment, destruction or damage of statements, records of accounts or documents relating to the business or financial condition of the company; "3.Concealment, destruction, or removal of property of the company, or the disposal of such property a manner prejudicial to creditors; "4.Refusal to answer questions mentioned in the aforesaid paragraph without reason; and "5.Fabrication of debts or acknowledgement of untrue debts.

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