Company Act Article 291Aug. 1, 2018

After rendering a ruling of company reorganization, the court shall publish the following particulars by means of a public notice:

1. The text and the date of the ruling of company reorganization;
2. The name or title and the domicile or address of the reorganization supervisor and the reorganizers;
3. The period, date and place as fixed in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph I, Article 289 hereof; and
4. The legal consequences which may result from the negligence of the creditors of the company to declare their claims and rights.

The court shall still be obligated to serve notice in writing of the ruling and the particulars contained therein to the reorganization supervisor, the reorganizers, the company and the known creditors and the shareholders.

At the time the court sends the aforesaid notice of ruling to the company, the court shall send a court clerk to write down in the accounting books the account-closing decision, to affix thereon his signature or seal, and to write down a brief statement describing the condition of such accounting books.

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Company Act Article 289Aug. 1, 2018

At the time of ruling for reorganizers, the court shall select and appoint a person with specialized knowledge and experience in the operation of the business of such company or a banking institution as reorganization supervisor and decide on the following matters: "1.The period and place for declaring rights of creditors and shareholders, and the period shall not be less than ten days nor more than thirty days from the date of ruling; "2.The date and place to examine rights of creditors and shareholders thus declared, and the date shall be within ten days of the date of expiration of the aforesaid period for declaration; and "3.The date and place of the first meeting of parties concerned, and the date shall be within 30 days of the date after expiration of the period for declaration mentioned in Item 1. "The aforesaid reorganization supervisor shall act under the supervision of the court and may be discharged by the court at any time. "In case there is a plural number of reorganization supervisors, supervision on the execution of all matters relating to reorganization shall be effected by a majority vote of them.

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