Company Act Article 193Aug. 1, 2018

The Board of Directors, in conducting business, shall act in accordance with laws and ordinances, the Articles of Incorporation, and the resolutions adopted at the meetings of shareholders.

Where any resolution adopted by the Board of Directors contravenes the preceding Paragraph, thereby causing loss or damage to the company, all directors taking part in the adoption of such resolution shall be liable to compensate the company for such loss or damage; however, those directors whose disagreement appears on record or is expressed in writing shall be exempted from liability.

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Company Act Article 193-1Aug. 1, 2018

A company may obtain directors liability insurance with respect to liabilities resulting from exercising their duties during their terms of directorship.

A company shall report the insured amount, coverage, premium rate, and other important contents of the directors liability insurance it has obtained or renewed for directors, at the most recent board meeting.

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