Company Act Article 146Aug. 1, 2018

At the inaugural meeting of a company, election of the directors and supervisors shall be effected. The directors and supervisors elect shall, upon election, immediately investigate the accuracy of the matters reported by promoters under the preceding Article, and shall report to the inaugural meeting of the investigation results.

Where any promoter is elected a director or a supervisor who has a personal interests in the matters subject to investigation, then the inaugural meeting shall elect another person as the substitute of said promoter to perform the investigation.

If anything contained in the promoters report is found excessive or false in the course of investigation conducted under the preceding two Paragraphs, appropriate cut-off or reduction shall be made by the inaugural meeting;

If any promoter impedes the investigation, or if any director, supervisor or investigator makes false report, he/she shall be imposed with a fine in an amount not more than NT$ 60,000;

Upon request of the directors, supervisors or investigators for extension of the deadline date for submission of the investigation report under either of the provisions of the preceding two Paragraphs, the inaugural meeting may decide, by applying the provisions of Article 182 of this Act mutatis mutandis, to postpone or to reconvene the inaugural meeting.

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Company Act Article 182Aug. 1, 2018

The provisions of Article 172 shall not apply where a meeting of shareholders resolves to postpone the meeting for not more than, or to reconvene the meeting within, five days.

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