Civil Code Article 796-1June 19, 2019

If the landowner construct a building beyond the abuttal, and the owner of the adjacent property claim to remove or alter such building, the court may take the public interest and the interest of both parties into account and order the release of all or part of the removal or alternation, unless the landowner intentionallly construct a building beyond the abuttal.

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Civil Code Article 796June 19, 2019

If a landowner constructs a building onto adjacent property with no intent or gross negligence, then the adjacent landowner shall not claim to remove or alter the building if the owner of the adjacent land is aware of the trespass and does not immediately object. The landowner shall compensate the adjacent property owner for any injury caused. "In the case of the preceding paragraph, the adjacent property owner may require the landowner to purchase the part of the trespassed land and the odd lot caused thereby at a reasonable price. If the parties cannot agree upon the purchase price, the price shall be determined by a court.

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Civil Code Article 796-2June 19, 2019

The preceding two articles shall apply mutatis mutandis to other constructions that have a value equivalent to a building.

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