Civil Code Article 786June 19, 2019

Where electric wires, water pipes, gas pipes or other pipes cannot be constructed without making use of the land of another or where they can only be constructed through the incurring of excessive expenses, the landowner is entitled to construct the said wires or pipes on, over or under the land of another person, provided that the place and method of constructing such wires or pipes which will cause the least injury to such other land shall be chosen and provided that compensation shall be made. "If, after the construction of electric wires, water pipes, gas pipes or other pipes has been made in accordance with the provision of the preceding paragraph, there is change of circumstances, the owner of such other land is entitled to demand to change the aforesaid construction. "The expenses of the change of such construction shall be born by the landowner. However, if it is otherwise provided by statutes or customs, such statutes or customs shall be followed. "The fourth paragraph of Article 779 shall apply mutatis mutandis to the exception of the first paragraph.

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