Civil Code Article 727June 19, 2019

When the maker of a security payable to bearer has been notified of the loss, theft or destruction of for interest, annuity or dividends, if such securities are not presented for payment before the expiration of the period of prescription provided by law for periodical payments, the bearer who made the notification is entitled to claim from the maker the payment of the interest, annuity or dividends accruing to the said securities. However, this claim shall be extinguished by prescription after one year from the date of expiration of the prescription period. "If, before the expiration of the prescription period, the securities are presented for payment by a third party, the maker shall notify the third party that payment has been stopped and shall defer payment until such third party and the person making the notification have come to an agreement, or until the case has been decided by a non-appeasable judgment of the court.

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