Civil Code Article 358June 19, 2019

A buyer, who declines to accept a thing forwarded from another place by asserting that it is defective, is bound to preserve it in his custody temporarily, when the seller has no agent in the place of delivery. "In the case specified in the preceding paragraph, if the buyer fails to take proper measures immediately to prove the existence of the defect, it is presumed that the defect asserted did not exist at the time of the delivery. "If the thing forwarded will easily deteriorate, the buyer may sell it according to the market price when he takes proper measure to prove that. If it is to the advantage of the seller, the buyer is bound to make such sale, when necessary. The buyer, who sells the thing in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, shall notify the seller without delay. If he delays the notice, he shall be liable to compensate for the injury arising therefrom.

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