Civil Code Article 1184Jan. 20, 2021

Where an heir acknowledges the succession within the period provided in Article 1178, the manager, in regard to acts done by him in the course of performing his functions before such acknowledgement by the heir, is legally deemed to have been the agent of the heir.

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Civil Code Article 1178Jan. 20, 2021

Upon report of the family council pursuant to the preceding Article, the court shall give public notice in accordance with the procedures of public summons, calling upon the heirs to acknowledge the succession within a period of not less than six months.
In the absence of a family council, or where the family council fails to appoint a manager for the property of the deceased within the time specified in the preceding Article, any interested party or public prosecutor may apply to the court for appointment of a manager for the property of the deceased, and then the court shall give public summons pursuant to the preceding Paragraph.

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